Congratulations on Installing the

Classroom Computer Clock!


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Note: this program is currently absolutely free but is also my Demo version.  This version is fully functional.  The only difference is, a screen will pop up every so often reminding you that it’s a Demo Version.  To remove this popup, check out the Register menu or email me at

Computer Setup: Depending on your computer and the version of Windows you are using, you may need to set the following options on your computer.  Most of this can be accessed through the Control Panel under Power Options.  Feel free to contact me at or visit my Discussion Forum. (

1. Disable the Screen Saver

2. Disable sleep

3. Turn off monitor: Never

4. System standby: Never

5. The Clock doesn’t access the Hard Drive much so that can be set to turn off after 3 min (Optional)


Windows 7 Instructions (Click here)


XP Instructions:

1. Log on to User who will be using Clock 3
2. Click Start
3. Click Control Panel
“Switch to Classic View” if needed
4. Click Display
5. Click Settings Tab
6. Slide Screen Resolution to 1024 by 768
7. Click Apply
8. Click Screen Saver tab
9. Change Screen Saver: none
10. On the Screen Saver tab, click Power button
11. Turn off monitor: Never
12. Turn off hard disks: 3 min
13. System standby: never