Displays how much time is left (can be turned off)

Remembers up to 10 different alarm times per dayClock Screen

Can hold up to 5 different bell schedules (I call them sets) – My school has several different bell schedules.  Regular, Early Out, Afternoon Assembly, etc.  Each schedule can be saved and easily changed by simply pressing keys 1 through 5.  Click here to see details

Set the alarm to ring at any of the following; 3 minutes, 2 minutes, 1 minutes before the bell or no alarm at all.  There’s also another  individual alarm that will ring xx minutes before the bell.  This has many uses such as collecting  work, cleaning up, changing subjects, time for quiz, etc.

A countdown timer is built in.  You might want to rotate your class between groups for reading, or maybe you want to give your students xx amount of time for a reward.  There’s even a timer between timers giving students xx seconds to rotate then the timer begins again.  My PE teachers love this in the fitness room stations.

For those clock watching students, there’s an option to hide the seconds There’s another option to shut off the Time Left. I use this during state testing.

Display bulletins such as “Welcome Back” or “Don’t forget the Quiz Tomorrow!”

Choose from one of 90+ color schemes or create your own.  Can’t make up your mind?  Turn on Random Schemes that changes the colors after each alarm.

Track hall passes.  After receiving my permission, the student presses spacebar and selects their name.  The Clock verbally tells me how many passes they’ve used (I limit them to 5 per quarter) or whether they are out of passes.  The screen displays name and a running timer on how long they’ve been gone.