Clock Edit AlarmsAlarm Sets 1 – 5 allow you to schedule up to 5 different schedules.  Let’s get right into setting up your schedule.

1. First, everything you do takes place at the bottom of this screen.  The top displays changes that you make.  Click on the ALARM 1 button or whatever Alarm Set you’d like to change.  This will turn the schedule blue as in the picture to the right.

2. Change the Title.

3. Then click the down arrow next to “Alarm Num?” and select “1” to change the first alarm in Alarm Set 1.  The 10 alarms have nothing to do with classes.  These are just 10 times you want to be reminded.  Example: I arrive at 8:15 and students enter at 9:15.  Therefore I set an alarm for 9:05 to be ready for their arrival.  When setting an alarm for the end of class, set it at the time the bell will ring.  Depending on your settings, The Clock will ring an alarm 1 minute BEFORE the bell.

4. Enter a time in Alarm Time, click the down arrow for AM/PM and finally click on Set Alarm

5. Continue creating your schedule.  If you don’t need 10 different reminders, change the times not needed to 0:00.  When done, click on Save Permanent – Exit.  What ever schedule was blue when you saved will now be running.  Remember, you can change which alarm set to use simply by pressing the keys 1-5 while the clock is running.  Example: My regular schedule is Alarm Set 1 (the first column in the picture).  But let’s say today we are going to have an afternoon assembly.  To change to that alarm set while the clock is running, I’d just press the “5” key.  At the end of the school day (or the next morning) I’d press “1” to change back to my normal schedule.