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Have you ever wanted a real classroom clock? No, not the kind you hang on the wall that runs on batteries.  I mean a clock designed specifically for classroom use.  Many years ago, after my students and I both kept losing track of time regularly, I decided to do something about it.  I wrote my own clock program.  It still does exactly what it was designed to do 29 years ago which is to keep track of how much time is left in class and remind me that the bell will be ringing soon.  When other teachers saw The Clock, they asked where I got it and just had to have one of their own.  The next thing I knew, teachers at other schools around my district were asking for it.  Over the years, the power of The Clock has grown from suggestions by other teachers.  All it takes is an old Windows PC computer. The computer doesn’t even need internet.  It can be used as a basic clock or you can choose from any or all of it’s many additional features.

FeaturesDiscussion ForumDownload The Clock
Remembers up to 10 different alarm times per daySaves up to 5 different schedulesSet the alarm to ring at any of the following; 3, 2, or 1 minute before the bell or no alarm at all
Countdown timerDisplays how much time is leftEarly individual alarm that will ring xx minutes before the bell
Display bulletinsDisable the Time LeftHide the seconds digits of the clock
Track hall passes Import Student Roster from Excel Choose from one of 90+ color schemes or create your own

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